Grandma Is a Slowpoke


By Janet HalfmannGrandma Is a Slowpoke
Illustrated by Michele Coxon
Star Bright Books
ISBN: 978-1595727107 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1595727114 (Softcover)

Ages 3 to 7, picture book

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Awards & Praise

Great reviews by Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly

The Story

A little girl is happy to go on a walk with Grandma, but Grandma is such a slowpoke! She stops to point out, listen to, or observe the different creatures they meet, sharing her knowledge with the child. At the river, it is the girl who spots a little muskrat Grandma didn't see!

Grandma Is a Slowpoke is a simple story that delivers a powerful and joyous message to young readers (and adults)—let us pause, stop, and be present with the creatures around us, because there is no hurry.

The Story Behind the Story

This story was inspired by walks with my own grandchildren.

Curriculum Connections

Language arts, observing nature and how animals care for each other, comparing animals and their behavior, environment, recognizing animal homes, vocabulary development, noticing details, healthy living, family relationship, appreciation of nature.



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