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Grandma Is a Slowpoke

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By Janet HalfmannGrandma Is a Slowpoke
Illustrated by Michele Coxon
Star Bright Books
ISBN: 978-1595727107 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1595727114 (Softcover)

Ages 3 to 7, picture book

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Awards & Praise

Great reviews by Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly

The Story

A little girl is happy to go on a walk with Grandma, but Grandma is such a slowpoke! She stops to point out, listen to, or observe the different creatures they meet, sharing her knowledge with the child. At the river, it is the girl who spots a little muskrat Grandma didn't see!

Grandma Is a Slowpoke is a simple story that delivers a powerful and joyous message to young readers (and adults)—let us pause, stop, and be present with the creatures around us, because there is no hurry.

The Story Behind the Story

This story was inspired by walks with my own grandchildren.

Curriculum Connections

Language arts, observing nature and how animals care for each other, comparing animals and their behavior, environment, recognizing animal homes, vocabulary development, noticing details, healthy living, family relationship, appreciation of nature.



  • "Halfmann's nature walk fom a child's perspective is spot-on, neatly capturing the grandparent-grandchild dynamic . . . A sweet celebration of intergenerational slowpokery." —Kirkus Reviews
  • "By the end of their excursion, grandmother and child have spotted a group of rabbits clustered around daisies, muskrats in a stream, and more, and the girl understand that being a 'slowpoke' actually means treasuring each moment . . . Halfmann gracefully delivers a message about living in the moment." —Publishers Weekly
  • "This book perfectly illustates the cultivation of empathy and place-based connectivity to the natural world from one generation to the next . . . As an Environmental Educator, this book literally manifests the principles we hold dear within our profession. Sharing the joy of nature through experience, not lecture. . .This book is highly suggested as a mandatry pre-read for your early childhood teacher trainings to "speak" to the benefits of providing these transformative experiences in nature."—Sarah Livesay, Environmental Education Association of Illinois
  • "This is adorable . . . The story is just right with a good balance between educational tidbits and bonding between grandparent and grandchild. It'd make a great readaloud, too; the pacing and pattern of text is perfect for storytime or lap time. Obviously, it begs to be read by a grandparent to their grandkids!"—Literary Hoots
  • "When I read this book, I had an immediate connection to the grandma in the story. It was the slow-paced comforting tone of the book which drew me into the story. And the sweet granddaughter who appreciated the time spent with her grandma won me me over. This is one for the family read aloud. And teachers, pick up a copy of this one when you're gathering yur collection of books for Grandparents' Day (September 11th) or whenever your class invites grandparents to visit."—Juliana Lee
  • "A nice story about taking time to be curious and observant on a nature walk. Grandma may seem like a slowpoke, but she is very good at finding interesting things in the outdoors! Share this one before going on your own exploration at the park."—Staff of Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
  • "This is the beautiful story about a grandmother and her granddaughter and how being a slowpoke while taking a walk can lead to wonderful sightings. A truly heartfelt story that so many children will enjoy sharing with their grandparents."—Traci Bold
  • "Grandma Is a Slowpoke is perfect for sharing at story time, at bedtime, and any time in between. With so much to discover in these pages, be prepared to read it again and again."—Wrapped in Foil
  • "Grandma Is a Slowpoke is a nature story that highlights a sweet relationship between an elderly grandmother and her young granddaughter. It is a very simple story of the grandmother and granddaughter going on a walk together, stopping along the way to observe many animls in their habitats: cardinals, ants, rabbits, squirrels, ducks, geese, muskrats, and fireflies. Written from the granddaughter's perspective, this simple story shows us the natural world through the granddaughter's eyes . . . Highly Recommended."—Hope Is the Word

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